BIL’de Bayrak Değişimi

Dr. Erdoğan TOZAN is appointed as the General Director of BOTAŞ International Limited.

TOZAN, has taken this position over from Dr. Mehmet Atıf ÇAY. Dr. Erdoğan TOZAN who has been appointed by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources was welcomed by Dr. Mehmet Atıf ÇAY at Ceyhan Marine Terminal. Following a brief chat in the office of the General Director, an inauguration ceremony was held. While presenting flowers to the new General Director, Dr. Mehmet Atıf ÇAY has stated the following: “We welcome Mr. General Director with flowers and while greeting him wish him success in his new post. This is an office which provides us with an opportunity to serve our nation and our country. I am grateful to God to have had this opportunity and now I hand over this duty to our General Director – Dr. Erdoğan TOZAN and wish him good luck!”

General Director Erdoğan TOZAN has expressed the following: “Colleagues, we are here today to take over the duty. As one of the distinguished entities of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Botaş International Limited holds the rightful pride as the  Operator of BTC Crude Oil Pipeline. Thanks to its rendered services, BIL has taken its place among the  prominent figures of international energy trade. As a part of BIL team, each of you has made a significant contribution to these services. As a leader of this team, General Director  Mr. Mehmet Atıf ÇAY has guided you. Today he is handing over this position to me. I would like to extend my gratitude to him. As for us, we will be pursuing endeavors to reach the target by keeping up with the relay of  the Minister of Energy in serving our country. With regard to reaching the 2023 targets declared by our President, we will all be taking our country beyond contemporaneous civilization without giving a chance to the treason of the local  co-conspirators of  foreign forces. We will all be continuing to this duty taken over from Atıf bey in a team spirit with justice, merit and love of service. I would like to thank the General Director once more and would like to extend this plate to him.”

Following presentation of the plate, General Director Tozan has walked Mr. Çay off to the door.