100th Tanker Set out from Ceyhan

73 million barrels (9.8 million tones) of crude oil has been exported from BTC Pipeline to world markets until now

It is declared that 73 million barrels (9.8 million tones) of crude oil has been exported from Baku-Tbilisi- Ceyhan (BTC) Pipeline, which is called as “Energy Project of Century”, to world markets until now.

100th tanker loaded with crude oil set out from Ceyhan on 6 February 2007.  Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güle, Minister of Energy and Natural Sources; Tahir Uysal, President of BP in Turkey; Rashid Javanshir, President of BTC Co.; and local administrators as well as senior managers, employees of BP, BOTAS, BIL (BOTAS International Limited) and BTC Co; bureaucrats and representatives of business world  attended to the ceremony which was arranged in Ceyhan for the purpose of celebrating this milestone incidence which is symbol of success  for one year period. 

“This success is the product of an excellent cooperation”

Rashid Javanshir, President of BTC Co.  made the below statement in ceremony:  “73 million barrels of crude oil has been exported from Ceyhan to world markets within the last 8 months.  This success is a natural consequence of excellent cooperation of Turkish Government which supports project in a great extent; BP which is the largest shareholder and operator of project; BTC. Co. which provides realization of high project standarts; BIL, appointed operating company of BOTAS, and its various contractors which ensure an exacting mode of operation.  Our current condition is an excellent sample of said solidarity and performing a work supported by labor and technology as well as cooperation of private and public sectors.”

Javanshir who emphasised that jeopolitic importance of Turkey increased even more due to its role in BTC Project, also added:  "BTC pipeline which is capable of transporting 50 million tones of crude oil in a year, has contributed to envirionmental security of the Straits by preventing any increase in tanker traffic within maritime transportation.  BTC projects came into being as a result of an ideal cooperation and coordination of three countries for a common purpose.  People and institutions of these three countries has combined their efforts in both construction and operation period and shared a common objective.  We thank everybody who has made efforts in a self-sacrificing manner on behalf of BTC Co. and project partners.”

“100th is just the beginning of success story between two seas”

Salih Pasaoglu, President and Board Chairman of BIL, emphasised  below issues on behalf of BIL (BOTAS International Limited) which is the Appointed Operating Company of BOTAS:  “BIL fulfills its responsibilities in this continuous process of engineering and construction periods through the medium of its experienced, educated and skilled personnel.  A perfect operation including sea terminal, tank site, pump stations and block valves is aimed in a pipeline geography of 1,076 km which extends from positive 45 degrees to minus 40 degrees.  BTC Project which combines stories of two seas by pipeline, has already obtained strategic importance in world oil market as well as providing peace, silence and stability in our region.  100th tanker is just a beginning and various other tankers will be loaded under the responsibility of BIL through vision and ardour of first day.  Hence, I hereby congratulate all of our employees, contractors and other job partners due to their contributions within the context of this successful operation period until loading 100th tanker.”

No concession from HES standarts wihin the scope of Project

Construction of BTC Crude Oil Pipeline’s (called as “Dream Project”) Turkish section of 1,076 km was successfully completed in mid part of previous year despite severe climate and hard geographic conditions.  The most basic characteristic of project is not making any concession regarding Health-Safety-Environment (HES) standards within construction period. 

Operation period started upon loading “British Hawthorn” tanker, known as "First Tanker" in BTC Pipeline, in Ceyhan on 4 June 2006.  BIL (BOTAS International Limited), the Appointed Operating Company of BOTAS took over operation from BOTAS BTC Directorate which had satisfactorily completed construction.

100th tanker was loaded as well after an operation period of eight months.  More than 1 million barrels of crude oil had been loaded to Knock Sheen for 26 hours on 5 February 2007.  Since this achievement was provided through "working without lost business days and accidents" for more than 3 million man-hours, it indicated that HES standards would be also applied during operation period without any concession.

One of past milestones of BTC was carrying 600,000 barrels through pipeline per day.  Furthermore, a tanker with a capacity of 2 million barrels approached to Ceyhan Terminal for the first time. 

As current crude oil exportation is more than the expected, a maximum capacity of 50 million tones is aimed for and seemed to be realized at the end of 2008.