BIL, BTC Co. and Antakya Municipality Co-Operation

BIL and BTC Co. enhanced a project to make, “Antakya Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Area” to operate and also develop a management system and giving trainings on effective implementation of the project compatible with EU standards with Antakya Municipality and CEVKO. 
Under this framework BIL, Antakya Municipality, ÇEVKO and BTC Co. signed a partnership protocol that defines the roles and responsibilities of the parties and the aim of the project on 13th July 2007.
BTC Crude Oil Pipeline Operator BIL and BTC Co. are continuing their implementations on the pipeline under the project agreements and EIA. Under the Solid Waste Management Plan, BIL and BTC Co. are guaranteeing to transport the domestic and domestic like industrial solid wastes of the BTC project to that plant which will have the EU norms with signing this Partnership Protocol.
In the signing ceremony Salih PAŞAOĞLU, President and Chairman of Board of Directors of Botaş International Ltd, stated that “Domestic and Domestic like industrial Solid Wastes of the BTC Pipeline Project; which is being operated according to the international standards; are being sent to Izmit, İZAYDAŞ plant. After the completion of the Antakya Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Area, the domestic solid waste of the project will be sent to this plant which is closer to Haydar Aliyev Marine Terminal than the one in İzmit. This development will be a great utility for all the participants and will be a positive sample for all institutions by the means of coordination and cooperation.” Mr. Paşaoğlu also stated his best wishes for all participants of this projects and his happiness to take part in such a project as BIL.
Can H. Suphi, Project Director of BTC Co. stated in his speech that “BTC Co. took important and active roles in many projects that has benefits for the local population living on and around the BTC pipeline and made contributions for the environmental issues. Both BIL and BTC Co. worked in those issues very sensitively and compatible to project requirements, international agreements and EIA. We are happy to cooperate with BIL, Antakya Municipality and ÇEVKO to develop such a project that will make, “Antakya Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Area” to operate compatible with EU standards.”
BIL will be supporting Antakya Municipality on H&S, Environmental issues and monitoring and evaluation process. Additional to this support the domestic solid wastes will be sent to this plant as soon as the project is completed.